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  1. Windows 10 No Longer Offered as Recommended Update on Windows 7/8.1

With the end of July 2016 a couple of days ago, Windows 10 is will no longer be offered as a free upgrade to the Windows users who have been running Windows 7 and 8.1. This way, we can say that Microsoft’s aggressive strategy to push everyone to set up this new operating system finally has finally come to an end. Now, the world’s leading technology brand is making some changes as it needs no aggressive tactics to move forward Windows 10 on computers run by Windows 7 and 8.1. You can have lots of information available on the Windows support page concerning Windows 10 forced upgrade. If you are having any issue with the upgrade, then visit page for Windows support for help to stop Windows 10 forced upgrade or how to stop Windows 10 upgrade in progress.

It is well-known that the technology giant earlier offered Windows 10 as a recommended update via Windows Update. The new OS was chosen by default whenever Windows users wanted to patch their systems. Now, there is no such restriction as the period for a free-upgrade has been lapsed. Consequently, with the free-upgrade push, all necessary installation files and other items that Windows 10 required to run were downloaded with patches. Finally, so the only thing left to do was to start the installer. Interestingly, there are some independent technical support providing companies, such as Intelli Atlas, that can help you resolve Microsoft® Windows 10 issue of a forceful Windows 10 upgrade. If you have downloaded the Windows 10 unwillingly and want to get rid of it without losing your valuable data, then dial Microsoft® Windows support phone number to block Windows 10 update or disable Windows 10 upgrade. Read more at http://microsoftwindowssupport.over-blog.com/2016/08/888-606-4841-windows-10-no-longer-offered-as-recommended-update-on-windows-7-8-1.html

  1. How to Share Web Pages with Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge has seen the light of the day again with Microsoft Windows in its latest version Windows 10, and, this time, it is here as the default web browser. With some advanced and enhanced features and specification Edge is set to improve users browsing experience and gives a competition to rivals the likes of Firefox or Chrome. The newly invigorated web browser has some unique qualities that make it the first choice of all. One such quality is sharing web pages with the web browser. Windows customer service page is a good option to know more about using the web browser effectively. To know the web browser better, you can visit page for Windows customer service for help and support on Microsoft edge for Windows 8 or Microsoft Edge for Windows.

Sharing the link to a website

  • To do so, first of all, you should open Microsoft Edge and browse for the desired web page. Once you are done, then you need to click on the Share button.
  • Then, select the most appropriate method to allocate the link for the selected webpage (Evernote, Mail, OneNote, or Twitter).

It is likely that you may fail to share webpage as the browser is not functioning smoothly. In such a situation, you can get connected to Intelli Atlas after you dial Microsoft ® Windows customer help service number to help fix if your Microsoft Edge not working.

Read more at http://microsoft-windows-support.jimdo.com/2016/08/02/888-606-4841-how-to-share-web-pages-with-microsoft-edge/

  1. How to Reset Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Like operating systems, web browsers are also likely prone to lots of errors that can prevent them from easily starting, showing error messages, and behaving irrationally. Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 is no exception to the same issue. That is why you may need to delete data added to Microsoft Edge or need to reset it to bring the best out of it when it comes to browsing the data. Due to such errors, it is possible that your Windows 10 edge not working. So, you will get solution for the same issue with Windows help desk page. So, the better thing that you can do is to visit page for Windows help desk if your Windows 10 edge not working.

If you are using the older versions of Window, then Windows 10 will offer you Microsoft Edge default browser. And you can easily make it possible with the help of 3rd party technical support providing companies, like Intelli Atlas, that serve its customers with a remote phone support service. Even if you have some issues in having the browser set automatically, then you need to dial Microsoft ® Windows help phone number to learn how to make Microsoft Edge default browser. A soft reset may help you get rid of all possible error messages. Read more at http://microsoft-windows-support.com/reset-microsoft-edge-in-windows-10/

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