Microsoft Works to Improve Windows Vista Upgrade Options & Run Android Apps on any laptop


1.  Microsoft Works to Improve Windows 10 Upgrade Experience

Windows 10 operating system is finally out and Microsoft has finally fulfilled its promise that everyone could take advantage of the free upgrade up to July 29 2016. While the Windows 10 free offer has ended for the general public, but Microsoft has still kept the upgrade deal open for users of assistive technologies, as the Anniversary Update brings relatively a few improvements. If you want to know more ways to upgrade improve Windows 10 with enhanced improvements, then you can simply take third party technical support from a reliable company, like Intelli Atlas, and get instant help from certified technicians. You can also dial Microsoft® Windows support help desk phone number for Microsoft windows upgrade support and get customized help for the same.

If you are not sure about the right time to upgrade Windows 10, then there are steps you can take to upgrade the latest OS with improved ways. If you are hunting to upgrade your PC and want to be on Windows 10, simply you should upgrade and extract your new Windows 10 product key using ProdutKey. This is also an improved manner of upgrading your new computer. To get technical aid, you can visit technical support service page for Microsoft® Windows to have Windows 10 upgrade experience and get instant support efficiently. Read more at

2. Windows Vista Upgrade Options After Expiration of Support in 2017

With the advent of Microsoft most innovative operating system, Microsoft has now ended the support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It has planned to end the support so that a large number of users could use the latest operating systems with the latest and user-oriented features. Windows Vista’s extended support will be available till 11April 2017. There are still some users who have great affection with Windows Vista and are using it successfully. But, with the end of its support, users now want to upgrade it. Users can dial Microsoft® Windows help customer service phone number here to know how to get Microsoft Windows Vista help in 2017 in order to have complete information to upgrade.

With the release of Windows 7 in 2009, Windows Vista was the second most used operating system. But, later its usage starts decreasing and now there are 1.77% of computers that are using Windows Vista. Now, these users want to upgrade their Windows Vista to the latest operating system. Here, users can visit Windows help desk page to know more about Window vista upgrade options so that they can easily switch over to the latest operating system.

Windows Vista can also be upgraded to Windows 8.1as the technology giant Microsoft has provided a special page for upgrading to Windows. Thus, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 could be the way for upgrading Windows Vista to the latest operating system. These are some of the ways of upgrading Windows Vista after bidding adieu to its support. However, you can also call on a Microsoft Windows 10 online technical support telephone number to know the ways to have Maximum output after upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 10. Read more at

3. How to Run Android Apps on any laptop or Desktop

We often have to cope with two different operating systems for our computing requirements – Windows for personal computer and Android while we are on the go. And in this course, there comes a time when we want some of the Android applications on our Windows desktop so as avail of the applications all the time whenever we require.

It is really amazing to visualize an ecosystem wherein a user can easily run Android applications on their full desktop OS. You may probably not be used to such technical phenomenon, but it is true. With the help of certified Windows 10 tech support service providers, you can make it happen easily without any technical obstacles.

Though Microsoft doesn’t include any dedicated feature to allow Android applications to run on Windows operating system, but with the help of some third-party applications, you can take your preferred applications on your Windows desktop computer system. But it all can be processed only when you have a reliable Microsoft® Windows Technical Support for running Android Apps on Windows, offered by certified technicians.

If you dig through the internet so as to find a perfect application, you will come across some utility software programs that are endorsed as a perfect tool. But you need to have a really perfect one that can help you run Android applications on your Windows-based personal computer or laptop – and this is where you should look for a certified technical help service for Microsoft Windows. Read more at

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Microsoft very recently launched its latest and all new version of Windows 10 that has outlined itself as one of the best computer operating system meant for better computing and user safety.

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