Up-grade of the computer system to Microsoft Windows 8.1


For upgrading your computer system to Microsoft Windows 8.1, you need to first analyze whether going for up-gradation is the perfect option for the current business you are doing. In the year 2012, Windows 8 was launched by Microsoft. By this launch, it became a sort of new option and the main notion behind its launch was to narrow the wide path between the Windows that exist on laptops/PCs and the different touch screen devices like mobile phones and tablets. Unfortunately Windows 8 remained an unaccomplished platform because it did not take to the level of success Microsoft had hoped finally leading to a sort of frustration for many. After a year, there was launch of Windows 8.1 and this version of the operating system exists in many laptops and PCs as of today because windows 8 faced rejection by many Microsoft users. If, as a user, you are facing the problems related to the launch of windows 8.1 in your PC, then you can take the 24/7 Live Support for Microsoft Windows  from a genuine third party company by dialing the Windows 8.1 helpline number that is toll free. This helpline number is generally available on the official websites of the tech support companies offering help for windows 8.1.

Is there actually a necessity of upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 8.1?

At the time of the launch of Windows 8 in the year 2012, many touch-screen gadgets for which it was launched were not actually available in market during that time. The touch gadgets that were available were too expensive as far as the competition price was concerned. The actual reason of failure of Windows 8 was that the developers were not ready for creating apps for such devices that time but now Microsoft is launching the apps at the faster pace. Although, the competition is strongly established as of today but one thing Microsoft has not been able to provide in all this is the integration. It can be an easy step for the user to upgrade windows 8 to windows 8.1 because of the many benefits associated and one important benefit is the free upgrade. In case, you are unable to understand the process of upgrade to Windows 8.1 dial  Online Support Services Phone Number for Windows for help from a third party technical support company dealing with windows 8.1 or you can take the support from Microsoft itself.

Benefits associated after the launch of Windows 8.1

Customization benefit

By the introduction of the snap functionality to the start screen, Windows 8.1 allows resizing of various applications screen independent of each other. The prime benefit of this is that the user can operate multiple apps on one screen and besides this, there is resizing of the live titles with 3 sizes of different dimensions. One can also match the desktop background to start screen for peculiar look. All this advantage is not for the windows 8 because here the users are only bound by two applications that open at a time on the screen.

Application updates in automatic manner

In the Windows 8.1, the applications that are launched from the Windows store will make an auto-updation at the background when the user uses the PC. It will not ask about the updation of the applications on the individual basis. This is a time saving and is such an admin function for which there is absolutely no need to worry. For help connect yourself to Online  Customer Support Services for Windows team for instant help on Windows automatic updates.

It takes the small disc space

AS per the Microsoft, Windows 8.1 uses comparatively 8 to 15 percent comparatively less space on the hard drive.

Smart search

The smart search option of Windows 8.1 is of a different league compared to Windows 8. It shows the different aspects of the device that include the applications and this is for producing the much versatile results. If you want to search for a famous personality, it provides the option called SEARCH HERO which was not there in Windows 8.

External display support to a greater extent

When you operate the tablet on the external displays, windows 8.1 offers greater options and it also provides support for the DPI scaling. By this, you can set the scaling text and the icon setting for every single monitor and this is very beneficial with the high resolution displays. http://www.windowshelp.support/

Live lock screen

By the use of windows 8.1, you have the option to give the entry to the calendar appointments, email notification etc from screen that is locked even before you log in. You can do the setting of the locked screen in such a manner that it will be able to display slide show of your own pics.


By window 8.1, the windows can boot straight to desktop rather than the start screen. The biggest problem with Windows 8 was start button removal.

For any issue related to windows 8.1 whether it up-gradation or any other query, you can straightway call on the Windows 8.1 customer support of a genuine 3rd party company.


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