Pinning a Program to Windows 10 Taskbar—Due Support Provided by Experts


On the bottom of the Windows 10 desktop, there is a horizontal black line and this very black line is also called Taskbar. There is a Start button on it. You can also find the Cortana search box and the different icons of applications and programs. If there is a tap on these programs or just once click on any of these icons, it will launch the application or the program. If you are using the application or the program on a regular basis or often, then you can pin that particular application or program to Windows 10 Taskbar.

When you do this, it is readily accessible and one can launch it by the single tap. You also have the opportunity to contact Microsoft Windows Professional Support if you feel so and want the clarification of the doubts. Contact WindowsHelp.Support at +1-888-606-4841 for help and support on how to configure and customize the taskbar in Windows 10.

Pin program to Taskbar from Desktop:

For pinning, you have to choose the program or the application. You need to first click and then hold the desktop shortcut of particular program or application. Drag application or the program towards Taskbar. Just after a moment, you can see the option named Pin to Taskbar.

Release in order to drop program or app to Taskbar

By doing this, the program of the icon will come in the Taskbar and you have the option to pin it there for an easy approach.

Method 2

You can pin Program to Taskbar from the Start Menu

Tap on the start button. One can find this button in the bottom left direction of the Desktop. You have to click this button for opening the Start Menu. Now, after this, you can trace the particular program that you want to pin. If the program you want is not categorized in the most use list or the recently added list, then you can tap All Apps at left pane bottom. After clicking of All Apps, there will be the appearance of the directory tree and one can find the complete program list in the alphabetical order.

If having some questions, you have the option to contact Microsoft Windows 10 Security Support Phone Number and will be duly guided. Some independent technicians are providing all-round solution to all types of technical issues in Windows 10.

You can have a right click on the program you want. When you do this, there will be the appearance of the context menu by the side of the program and it will provide five different options. From the context menu, you have to select Pin to Taskbar. When you do this, the program icon will appear in the Taskbar. Now, you have to launch the program in a fast manner by the click of the pinned icon located in Taskbar.

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