Want to Customize Windows 10 Settings? Here’s Solution



You may love the changes made by Microsoft in its latest Windows 10. But the way how it allows the users to make it more personal is somehow more interesting and innovative. For example: you might want to make it bit personal like the colors, the lock screen and the active background. Or you want to set the start menu the way you are interested and want to make the taskbar personal. Everything on Windows 10 is possible, provided that you have a genuine technique. Some customer support service providers are offering their expertise to help the users to get their Windows 10 PC personalized.

If the anniversary update is not installed yet, you can tap on the action center that is located on the corner on the lower right of the screen. In the Windows just opened, you can tap on Personalization. On the left of the window, you can get the choices and have to select the Lock Screen. It is done. If unsatisfied, you can also go for the Microsoft Windows Expert Support and shall get the due guidance to your satisfaction. You also have the option to select the Windows spotlight, the slideshow or the self picture. When you select the option, you will see more choices and these are made available for you. Contact Windows10Help.Support at +1-888-606-4841 for help and support on how to configure Windows 10 privacy settings.

When you select the background, you also have the option to select the application details that can flash on the lock screen. Now, you tap on the icon and get various choices. For certain applications, you may select the quick status because you want them to display on the lock screen. If you are having certain doubt as far as the selection is concerned, Technical Chat Support for Microsoft Windows is also available at your service.

After the tweaking of the lock screen is finished, the background can be tweaked for active workspace purpose. You have to be on the Settings and on the window left, can click on the background. You can select using the slideshow. It could be the solid color or the picture. You can get the added options as per your choice and these pop up for tweaking further. If you select the particular color, you are provided the option to select multiple colors from the list.

If you select the picture, you are provided the option to make the choice from the samples or from the personal collection. How you want to superimpose the picture on the screen depends on you.  If you choose the slideshow, you are given the added options.  After finishing tweaking the background, you can tweak the colors. By the tweaking of the colors, the Windows shall have the personal touch. Customization of the Windows 10 is preferred by many for looks.

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Microsoft very recently launched its latest and all new version of Windows 10 that has outlined itself as one of the best computer operating system meant for better computing and user safety. http://windowshelp.support/

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