888-606-4841-How To Fix Window Store Crashes In Windows 10?


Microsoft has a Windows store which is inbuilt with Windows 10. There are lots of apps in Window store; but when you try to download any app, Window store crashes and it happens because it might be possible that Windows 10 is not properly installed in your PC. Microsoft technical support provides many solutions to resolve this issue.http://www.windows10help.support

The easiest solution that you can try to fix “Window crashes” issue is try to clear cache of the Windows store of your computer. There are two ways to perform this task: manually and automatic; but it is preferred to do this automatic as Windows automatically tries to fix all the issue of PC. To do this, you need to open star menu and type “wsreset or wsreset.exe” in the start menu and hit enter. A command prompt type looking Window will open. When it’s done, it will automatically open Windows store on your computer. If this method fails, then please visit Windows 10 forums.http://www.windowshelp.support

External Link: 888-606-4841-How To Fix “Copy Paste” Issue In Windows 10? | http://bit.ly/2cgDTlB | https://goo.gl/fwJYfN


Author: microsoftwindowssupportsite

Microsoft very recently launched its latest and all new version of Windows 10 that has outlined itself as one of the best computer operating system meant for better computing and user safety. http://windowshelp.support/

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