888-606-4841- ‘Start Menu’ Not Working In Windows 10; Get Microsoft Windows Support


In Windows 10 ‘Star Menu’ issue might occur due to an incomplete installation of the OS as some apps could be inappropriate that can cause this error or a verity of other reasons. Microsoft Windows provides many solutions to fix this error in Windows 10 that can help you immediately. To get more information, visit Microsoft website. Contact Microsoft Windows Support to fix Windows ‘Start Menu’ problem or you may choose to fix at your end. To fix this error, try to restart you computer system; sometimes it helps to cure many Windows related problems. Or you can create a new user profile. To do this, you all need to press WIN+R, and then type in control panel. Now select user account and change account type. Add new user to your computer setting. You will see couple of options, select one of them and click ‘OK’. After this, delete your original ID. In case of any difficulty, you can call on Microsoft technical support number. Visiting http://windows-support.windowshelp.support website will enable you to get Windows help and support from certified Microsoft Windows technicians.

External Link: 888-606-4841-How To Fix Registry Error In Windows 7? Get Microsoft Windows Support | http://bit.ly/2cgDTlB | https://goo.gl/10Xj3u


Author: microsoftwindowssupportsite

Microsoft very recently launched its latest and all new version of Windows 10 that has outlined itself as one of the best computer operating system meant for better computing and user safety. http://windowshelp.support/

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