Microsoft Windows Support on How to Clear Windows Update History?

When conducting programmed or manual changes on Windows 7, eight and 8. 1, the Windows Update applet (utility program performing one or a few simple functions) stores a set of failed and installed revisions for your review. To clear the update background by manually deleting Glass windows Update’s log files, you can dial Windows Customer Service Number to clear Windows update log for increased system performance. Just before clearing Windows Update Record you should temporarily stop the Windows Update service to improve the performance of your Windows PC.

The explanation for clearing Windows update background log is merely to make it fresh and choose your Windows update history rested. If you confront any sort of a significant Cleaning up Windows record, then you can definitely contact an impartial technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas, that helps in removing non-useful logs from a system in a systematic manner. This process is suitable for security purpose, as this can prevent people from knowing which sites you have visited or to remove logs of pv panel performed on your system recently.

There are many methods for how to clear House windows Update History. Follow the provided below methods to clean data successfully:

Technique 1:

Steps to get rid of Windows Update history:

  • First of all, go to Start menu > All Programs> Accessories. Right-tap on the “command prompt” and choose “Run as Administrator.”
  • Copy and paste the command>net stop wuauserv >and select OK.
  • To delete the file, copy the command > del %systemroot%\Software Distribution\Data Store\Logs\edb.log. By this, you can also delete it manually by going to the location in windows explorer.
  • Finally, you can restart the service with this command: net start wuauserv

If you are still not able to clean history on your Windows computer, then to clear Microsoft update history, visit Windows technical support page for certified Microsoft Windows technicians help and get instant solutions proficiently.

Technique 2:

  • Simply press Windows-R, type services.msc into the Run box > and then click OK.
  • Now scroll down the list of services > right click on Windows update > and choose stop.
  • After this, open the Run box >type %windir%\Software Distribution >and then tap OK.
  • Double-click the folder labeled Data Store.
  • Hold down Ctrl, and then choose Logs and DataStore.ebd > Right-click on the selected items >tap Delete to remove items.
  • Open the Services applet >right-tap on Windows Update > select Start to restart the Windows Update service.

If you are not able to clean Windows history, then simply dial a toll-free Glass windows support contact number and get quality help for cleaning Windows history.

A clean boot can be useful for getting rid of severe software conflicts. When the update history is erased, install the changes by putting the computer into a clean start state. For this, you can also take help from Intelli Atlas authorized Windows technicians and get relevant support for the same.


Author: microsoftwindowssupportsite

Microsoft very recently launched its latest and all new version of Windows 10 that has outlined itself as one of the best computer operating system meant for better computing and user safety.

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